The Exit Plan Show helps business owners like you accomplish any or all of these objectives:

  • Balance Your Work-Life
  • Grow Your Company Faster
  • Build A Positive Legacy
  • Transition Your Business Smoothly
  • Retire And Be Happy

Our founding CEO and Host, Norman A Hood, has over 40 years experience serving as a trusted financial advisor for business owners from coast to coast. His work with clients is anchored in the belief that 80% of all engagements are based on the client liking and trusting their advisor. He gets to know his customers by taking an interest in their backgrounds and current circumstances. Throughout the process, they also learn more about Norman and appreciate his core values of integrity, respect, excellence, curiosity and accountability.

By humanizing interactions, he builds on the similarities that lead to friendship with his customers and fellow advisors, understanding that people want to work with people they like, but they're most likely to work with those who like them back. As a result of his authentic rapport building process, Norman's clients follow his ethical and authoritative advice which he delivers in a gradual, relaxed, and straightforward way.

Norman A. Hood photo

Ideal Connections Between Business Owners and Advisors.