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52) Reviewing “Wealth Management Unwrapped”, by Charlotte B. Beyer.

Charlotte B. Beyer’s Biography After 20 years on Wall Street, Charlotte founded The Institute For Private Investors in 1991. IPL helps improve the relationship between wealthy investors and their financial advisors. In 1999, she collaborated with The Wharton School to create the first wealth management curriculum in the US for families.Now retired, Charlotte currently serves on […]

51) Reviewing Thomas Davidow’s "Family Business Matters".

Thomas Davidow’s Biography Dr. Davidow has more than 30 years of experience working with hundreds of national and international family controlled enterprises. He’s worked with business clients from diverse fields as well as with family foundations and family offices. Family Business Matters Book Review Family Business Matters if actually a collection of years of questions and answers from […]

50) Reviewing “The Exit Strategy Handbook”, by Jerry L. Mills.

Jerry L. Mills’s Biography Jerry L. Mills is the author of three books and has appeared frequently on Fox Business News, Morningstar, various Wells Fargo webcasts and elsewhere. The Exit Strategy Handbook Book Review/Chapter Outline Chapter 1 explains the simple premise of the book. It’s a tool to help business owners sell their companies. Chapter 2 explains […]

49) Reviewing Lorraine McGregor’s “How To Increase The Value Of Your Business Before You Sell”.

Lorraine McGregor’s Biography Since 1990, Lorraine has helped more than one hundred business owners in a wide variety of industries grow to the next level. She also speaks to wealth managers, private bankers, accountants, lawyers and financial planners about the challenges business owners face making the exit decision. The book is full of stories and examples, which […]

48) Reviewing John Mill’s “Hire Your Buyer!”

John Mill’s Biography Before turning his attention to business succession planning, John Mill spent 25 years in tax planning, business law and litigation problem-solving. He eventually chose succession planning because it’s about everything, so it’s well suited to his skill set. He also likes that it requires a deep knowledge of each client, and the assembling of […]

47) Reviewing “Expensive Mistakes When Buying And Selling Companies”, by Richard G. Stieglitz.

 Richard G. Stieglitz’s Biography Dick currently has several books available on Amazon and they’re all based on his over 30 years experience helping executives achieve their goals through effective leadership conversations. For more information visit Dick’s website. Expensive Mistakes When Buying And Selling Companies Book Review Expensive Mistakes When Buying And Selling Companies starts by stating that the most […]

43) Reviewing Michael Parrish DuDell’s “Shark Tank – Jump Start Your Business”.

Michael Parrish DuDell's Shark Tank - Jump Start Your Business

Micheal Parrish DuDell’s Biography Michael Parrish DuDell is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Before founding his current company, race + vine, a marketing consulting firm, Michael was the editor of ecomagination.com— GE’s cleantech and sustainable innovation website— and the host of ecomagination.com’s web series Green Room Live. Prior to that, Michael served as managing editor […]

41) Reviewing Fred S. Steingold’s “The Complete Guide To Selling A Business”.

Fred S. Steingold’s Biography Fred S. Steingold is an attorney and business legal expert who advises entrepreneurs on how to start, buy, run and sell businesses. He practices law in Ann Arbor, Michigan where his main practice areas are real estate law and business law.  He’s also authored 5 books and writes a monthly column carried by several trade […]

36) Reviewing Nick Niemann’s “The Next Move For Business Owners.”

The Next Move For Business Owners - Book Review

Nick Niemann’s Biography Nick Niemann began his business career helping his family build and manage their various business interests in restaurants, supermarkets, real estate, ranching, farming, construction and retail merchandising. He is the founder and president of the Business Model Myth Institute through which he teaches owners, leaders and families from around the world how […]