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300) BEI Annual Conference – Tanya Scott and Hutchinson and Bloodgood, LLP

Tanya Scott appears on The Exit Plan Show with Norman A. Hood, CExP and Host.

Tanya Scott and Hutchinson and Bloodgood, LLP Tanya: “I’m a CPA and I’d like to say I am a business growth and exit strategist and I’m a partner in a CPA firm in California. The name of our firm is Hutchinson and Bloodgood.” Norman: “You and I talked a little bit off camera when I stopped […]

45) Reviewing Jacob E. Orosz’s “How To Sell A Business”.

How To Sell A Business - Book Review

  Jacob E. Orosz’s Biography Jacob has more than 13 years experience facilitating mergers, acquisitions and other business transfers. He’s successfully participated in or managed the sale of over 300 privately held companies, buyers and sellers across the world. How To Sell A Business Book Review Even though this book is really, really short, it still does a […]

38) Reviewing Dave Lavinsky’s “Start At The End.”

Start At The End - Book Review

Dave Lavinsky’s Biography: Dave Lavinsky is a serial entrepreneur and internationally renowned expert in developing business plans that help companies achieve rapid growth. In 1999, Dave cofounded Growthink, Inc., a consulting and publishing firm. Dave serves as the company’s president. Over the past decade, Growthink has written business plans for more than 2,500 clients. Growthink […]