89) About Bob Zarlengo And Zarlengo Raub

About Bob Zarlengo and Zarlengo Raub

Bob Zarlengo is a partner at Zarlengo Raub, LLP – CPA’s & Business Advisors in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

During this interview you’ll get a glimpse of Bob’s colorful and creative personality and discover what he does at Zarlengo Raub, why he does it and where he gets the energy to keep doing it.

You’ll also discover what Bob Zarlengo Raub and Zarlengo Raub does to make them stand out among some of the other CPA firms in the Denver area – “We Think Like Business Owners”.

To close the interview, Bob gives business owners his #1 tip to help shortcut the exit planning process.

More About Bob Zarlengo and Zarlengo Raub

For more information about Bob Zarlengo and Zarlengo Raub please click here to visit their profile page and see all their Exit Plan Show episodes.

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Thank you to Zarlengo Raub, CPAs for providing a location to film our Denver interview series.