52) Reviewing “Wealth Management Unwrapped”, by Charlotte B. Beyer.

Charlotte B. Beyer’s Biography

After 20 years on Wall Street, Charlotte founded The Institute For Private Investors in 1991. IPL helps improve the relationship between wealthy investors and their financial advisors.

In 1999, she collaborated with The Wharton School to create the first wealth management curriculum in the US for families.Now retired, Charlotte currently serves on the global association board of 100 Women in Hedge Funds and on the Advisory Board of Institutional Investor’s Journal of Wealth Management.

Wealth Management Unwrapped Book Review

The Goal of “Wealth Management Unwrapped” is to create a more informed consumer of financial services. It’s divided into two parts:

1) 10 Chapters for investors

2) Appendix for investors and advisors

“Wealth Management Unwrapped” starts with 20 questions investors want to answer, then helps them decide what they want their wealth to do. It also helps them determine direction, avoid being a sucker when dealing with financial advisors, understand talks conflicts of interest and decide when to fire your financial advisor.

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