51) Reviewing Thomas Davidow’s "Family Business Matters".

Thomas Davidow’s Biography

Dr. Davidow has more than 30 years of experience working with hundreds of national and international family controlled enterprises. He’s worked with business clients from diverse fields as well as with family foundations and family offices.

Family Business Matters Book Review

Family Business Matters if actually a collection of years of questions and answers from his Dr. Davidow’s FamilyBiz Q&A column.

Chapter 1 is about family dynamics and relationships and Davidow starts it off by answering “How come brothers have such a difficult time working together in the business?” From there, he goes from chapter to chapter, doling out the priceless wisdom he’s acquired from decades of working with family owned enterprises.

In Chapter 2 – Inter-generational dynamics/succession, he answers one hot potato after another, like “Can the senior generation keep its authority and still allow succession to happen?”

In Chapter 3 – Communication, he answers “How can I live up to their (parents) expectations?”

In Chapter 4 – Advisors, he answers “Is it time to reconsider your professional advisors?”

In Chapter 5 – Values, he answers “What does responsible capitalism mean?”

In Chapter 6- Mediation, he answers “How can mediation be helpful?”

In Chapter 7- Performance, he answers “Why is it so important to follow your instincts in business?”

In total, Dr. Davidow answers over 70 questions in Family Business Matters. If you’re part of a family business, I’m sure you’ve already asked yourself many of them. Hopefully this book will help you find some of the answers that have alluded you until now.

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