5) Where Do I Find Qualified Business Planning Advisors?

Assembling Business Planning Advisors –

Episode 5 is about how to use The Exit Plan Show to assemble the business planning advisors that make up your exit plan team. Let’s be realistic. No single professional possesses all the skills required to develop a sound exit plan. That’s why most exit plans require the services of business planning advisors from various disciplines.

Core Business Planning Advisors –

The 7 core professions that are usually represented in an exit planning team are:

1) The Exit Planner
2) The Valuation Expert
3) The Financial Advisor
4) The CPA
5) The Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney
6) The Insurance Advisor
7) The Transaction Intermediary (Investment Banker or a Business Broker)

I like to look at these 7  business planning advisors as the offensive line of a football team. Their job is to take you to the goal line of a successful exit and then help you punch it in.

Using Business Advisors To Reach Your Most Important Objectives

Watch our show for help to locating, vetting and connecting with qualified advisors who can help them reach these goals:

Balance Your Work-Life 

Grow Your Company Faster

Build A Positive Legacy

Transition Your Business Smoothly

Retire And Be Happy

Watch today’s video and learn more about choosing your business planning advisors!