303) BEI Annual Conference – Timothy Dougherty and Windsor Financial Group

Timothy Dougherty and Windsor Financial Group

Timothy Dougherty: “The firm is Windsor Financial Group. I’ve been with the firm for 29 years, straight out from college and I knew pretty early on what I was called to do is to help people make smart choices with their money. And I got into the business side of it pretty early in my career, and developed some skills over the years of creative relationships that have lasted.”

 Norman A. Hood: “You mentioned you’re a new BEI member?”

Timothy Dougherty: “That’s correct. So, I joined BEI in December of last year and I’ve been looking at it for a number of years as part of the Mass Mutual Financial Group. It’s been a program that’s been out there for a little while and has had my attention.”

Norman A. Hood: “Anything you learned at this conference that you got to take back and use to your clients?”

Timothy Dougherty: “There’s so much. You pick so much up and I go to a great number of conferences and try to take a few things and really implement them is the best approach that I can think of. And, yes, I would say what I came away with from – I think here, the most is that there really is a complex process. It is about knowing and understanding people and it is about having an arsenal of professionals that you can work with and integrate with. You need to have your tools, but you got to have a process and you need to understand it.”

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Timothy Dougherty and Windsor Financial Group

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