302) BEI Annual Conference – Thomas K. Chu, Counselor At Law, PC

Thomas K. Chu, Counselor At Law, PC

Tom: “I’m a trust estates attorney and I work solo. I joined BEI just going on two years ago. This is my second national conference and I joined as a full member but I realized as an attorney, it was actually better to find an advisor to align with, actually draft the plans. So I actually brought a guest who is actually a full member now. We’re now going through the process of applying significant materials approved by his companies but he can draft the plans and I’ll be running the legal, that’s how we’re working on our business.”

Norman: “Yes, it sounds like a good team approach.”

Tom: “It’s great because as an attorney I’m not able to share fees with non-attorneys but I will earn my own fees for my trust and estates work and then also be co-counselor on business transactions for tax advice with, tax attorneys and other parts of planning. And I can bring in other great professionals to fully understand the nuances of what an owner needs and so I can really do my own piece of the work and still act as one of the advisors and coordinate all the great talent that I have.”

Norman: “You mentioned this is your second annual conference. What do you see different between this year and last year?”

Tom: “It’s amazing. I think we’re going to have to change venues next year because this conference facility that we’re in is full. So I heard that it’s about a hundred and eighty here, much more than last year and great in-depth advisors from every field, from financial planners to wealth management people, to insurance people, other attorneys. The talent that’s in the room is immense.”

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Thomas K. Chu, Counselor At Law, PC

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