301) BEI Annual Conference – Terrell Sheppard and Asset Management Group

Terrell Sheppard and Asset Management Group

Terrell: “I’m with Asset Management Group. We are a company based in Virginia and one thing we do is we specialize working with government contractors. Our business model is particularly helping them to build value within their business and ultimately positioning them to be able to retire out of that business or to be able to sell the business for the value that the owner is looking to have.”

Norman A. Hood: “This is your first year at the BEI annual conference.”

Terrell: “Yes, this is. We are excited about being with BEI, we heard about a little bit last year, we had a chance to join earlier this year. We have been, very impressed with the conference that has been putting all the gloves on the information. We were actually starting to implement some of the tubes already.”

Norman A. Hood: “Any particular tools you like better than others?”

Terrell: “Well, we actually started with doing some things with the EPIC system, of course. So we are familiar with it, we have actually started implementing some of the plans and programs now, so even as we come here we’re taking a deeper dive into some of the marketing aspects. We are also just rolling out our newsletter program.”

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