3) How Can I Take More Time Off?

It’s All About You –

Today is all about you. Are you the hub of your business? Attribute eight of your sellability report is called Hub & Spoke. Your score measures how well your business could thrive without you at the hub of all its activities.

More Time Off vs Higher Business Value?

Believe or not, taking more time off may actually be the best way to increase the value of your company. Here’s an easy test to see how you’re doing: If you were out of action for three months and unable to work, would your business keep running smoothly? It’s a fact, the more your staff and customers need you, the less valuable your company will be to a potential new owner.

More Time Off = More Sellable –

Statistics indicate companies that could perform well without their owner for a period of three months, are 50 percent more likely to be acquired when compared to more owner-dependent businesses. Maybe it’s time to You-Proof your business, so you can take more time off, enjoy more personal freedom and build a more valuable company.