298) BEI Annual Conference – Ronald Barnes and Mountjoy Chilton Medley

Ronald Barnes and Mountjoy Chilton Medley

Norm: “Could you tell us a little about your firm what you do and that sort of thing?”

Ron: “Sure. MCMCBs advisors is a full-service CPA firm and we’re located in several states, but my focus for that firm now is to transition to exit or succession planning for business owners.”

Norm: “You’ve had quite a background before that as a CPA, but now you’re just focusing on that. What was the turning point do you think that caused you to decide you really wanted to focus on Exit Planning?”

Ron: “I’ve had a background that did a lot of tax consulting work with business owners and financial planning helping them get started in all their business, just look at the population change and the baby boomers and the number of articles written on the transition of wealth soon to be a natural opportunity to work with business owners and helping them get out. There’s enough effort being made in helping them get in but very little focused energy truly on helping them succeed as exit holders.”

Norm: “Like I said, we met here last year. I’ve been here four years. How long have you been coming to BEI Conferences?”

Ron: “Actually this is my second one and so it’s pretty exciting. I see a terrific opportunity in serving clients and helping people optimize their opportunity in exiting their business.”

Norm: “Any particular resources you like BEI for that helps you in your practice?”

Ron: “The main one, Norm, for me is the seven step process that John and Keith have come up with. That process in keeping everybody focused, identifying the needs, identifying the resources, working that through, to me is a huge resource. The tools that BEI has available in terms of newsletters and backup, etcetera, and the epic software and being able to work that through, those are really valuable. But that seven step process of working with the client really defines– so just working in this to really doing it effectively.”

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