297) BEI Annual Conference – Robert Spivey and Wealth Strategies For Life, LLC

Robert Spivey and Wealth Strategies For Life, LLC

Robby: “Yes, I can do that. Wealth Strategies for Life is a new endeavor for me. I’m trying to focus now in what I’m passionate about the last part of my career and which will be working with business owners, entrepreneurs, a lot of executives and helping them strategize or fit strategies to exit their businesses, to build wealth, to maintain that wealth and to distribute that wealth any way they see fit.”

Norman: “You’re obviously not the only one doing that type of thing. What do you think differentiates you though from some of the others?”

Robby: “I genuinely think I care. It’s not about the money for me. A lot of people go through different parts of their career, different stages. First part of your career you have to sell or get a client to live to pay the bills. I’m past that in my career. I’m where now I really, really love what I do and passionate about what I do and I really like working with people regardless if there was no money involved.”

Norman: “Are you BEI member?”

Robby: “Yes, I am.”

Norman: “And you’ve been coming a while?”

Robby: “Yes, I have been.”

Norman: “How many years?”

Robby: “I think I’ve been here five years.”

Norman: “You probably use a lot of their resources?”

Robby: “Yes, I do. I love them.”

Norman: “What do you like the best? Which resource do you think is the best with your clients?”

Robby: “With roadmap, you can hardly beat it – gives you something to do. The issue on the roadmap is for people to understand is it’s so flexible you have to write your own text if you will. I found in talking to some other people here is that’s the biggest dilemma they have. I’ve told them if you save the text because most recommendations are going to be somewhat the same thing of what you do if you’re going to do estate planning or trust or something they have the same verbiage.

So I’ve told them save those and import it each time they make the changes in it, don’t try to rewrite it every time you do it. So roadmap’s good. The marking stuff is fantastic. It’s best you can personalize it, so I like it. And the problem is there’s just so much of it.

You can hang around and I find myself gravitating to using maybe 30 or 40% of the material available because it’s just hard to get your hands around all of it.”

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