296) Watch our BEI 2015 annual conference interview featuring Robert Langan and Langan Financial Group.

Robert Langan and Langan Financial Group

Bob: “We are situated in Central Pennsylvania. We have ten employees, six administrative staff, and four people in the EA office that do what I do or some part of what I do, and we are very strong in business succession planning and potential markets. Basically, we tell people how to live for today and plan for tomorrow. So that they can get out willingly pick up their exit date, and they can go out and have a fund return.”

Norman: “You mentioned off camera this is your first BEI Annual Conference. What do you think about it?”

Bob: “I think it’s phenomenal. There is a tremendous amount of information here that we are getting and the networking with people that are all doing all different stages of succession planning, they have got great ideas. They are just a wealth of information in the networking and the friends that I am building here are for a long time in the future.”

Norman: “Any one thing you think you will act on first when you get home from this conference.”

Bob: “Yes, I will finish up my CExP (Certified Exit Planner) designation.”

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