293) BEI Annual Conference – Mike Dougan and IBVA

Mike Dougan and IBVA

Norman A. Hood: “To give people a little background, we originally did our first road show in Denver. It was in November 2014, you were one of our first guests. You did, I think, six interviews with us, which are all on our website now. People want to learn a little bit more about you. But can you just start out and tell people a little bit about IBVA, your company, and what you do?”

Mike Dougan: “Well, I provide an unbiased opinion of value. I’m an appraiser. I’m certified through ASA and IBA. Just giving business owners an independent value that they can use in their planning process, help them get the benchmark of where they’re at now, where they need to go to finish or establish with what they want to do.”

Norman A. Hood: “As I know from memory, you do this all over the country, you’re not just in Colorado, you go anywhere basically.”

Mike Dougan: “Yes, correct, right. Small business. When I say small business, usually about 20 million or less.”

Norman A. Hood: “Okay, at that revenue?”

Mike Dougan: “Yes, sir.”

Norman A. Hood: “Small takes in a big company.”

Mike Dougan: “It takes in a lot, yes.”

Norman A. Hood: “There are a lot of people watching who’d probably be happy to have 20 million revenue, but don’t know what that’s worth in terms of dollars to put in their pocket at the end.”

Mike Dougan: “Yes, revenue is just a benchmark to start from. It’s really cash flow.”

Norman A. Hood: “I know you’ve been coming to BEI,  I think I met you here last year and I know you came the year before that, so this is your third year. What kind of differences have you noticed from the time you started until now?”

Mike Dougan: “New members, a lot of growth, a lot of new information coming out. They’re always trying to improve the products that they’re putting out there and the services that these owners need to plan their exits.”

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