292) BEI Annual Conference – Michael J. Malloy, PhD. and LEGACY HP

Michael J. Malloy, PhD. and LEGACY HP


Michael: “Legacy HP. We’re a national network of advisors and our passion is to help business owners grow the value of their business and we do that by helping them take actions in four areas; transition planning or exit planning, help reducing taxes, managing risk in the business and also helping them invest in the most important capital within the business and that’s the people, the human capital.”

Norman: “Interesting. How’d you get into exit planning anyway? Was there a certain event that triggered it or you just evolved into it?”

Michael: “With the name Legacy HP, HP stands for my grandfather’s initials Harry Porter. He was a serial entrepreneur and was my grandfather. He taught me a lot over the years and I saw him and how he built his businesses and values he instilled in me. I became a serial entrepreneur and I was basically oriented on advising business owners, either in technology or general business. So I realized that was my passion, is to help the business owner be able to run their business the way they really want to. And I felt [sic] so that they can chose the financial objectives not just for themselves but also for the other people. And I felt that if I could add the business planning and some financial planning then we could really be helping those business owners reach those objectives.”

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