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Ken Stiefler and Exits LLC

Norman: “You’ve been a BEI member a long time I know.”

Ken: “I think since the very beginning.”

Norman: “Tell us a little bit about your practice, what you do and everything.”

Ken: “I’m a bit unique in that I’m just doing exit planning. I don’t have any other practice. I used to be in the financial service investing, but I’ve decided a number of years ago that I just simply want to be the general contractor, quarterback, whatever you want to call it and drive the process and herd the camp.”

Norman: “We talked a little bit yesterday. We’re just talking a little bit about what makes you a little unique compared to some other exit planners to the fact that you can get stuff done because this is all you do. Can you talk about that just a second?”

Ken: “When business owner’s come to me, I have a good sense that probably their biggest pain point is that their spouse has probably been knocking them in the stomach about every three or four weeks and saying, ‘Are you ever going to get out of this? Are we ever going to move on to the next stage of life?’ Procrastination just sets in. They have a business for 30 years but never have a clue as to how to get out of it.”

“I tell them that the number one value proposition that I bring to the table is we’ll get it done. You’ll have a plan. It’ll be your plan. You’re going to own this. Getting it done is the critical thing. There are thought processes for putting them at ease.”

Norman: “I talked also before about your background. You actually used to work with John Brown when he was actually practicing, correct?”

Ken: “We did three things. Neither one of us can remember how long ago.”

Norman: “You’ve known him a long time.”

Ken: “Probably 30 years ago.”

Norman: “You have a lot of background, probably one of the original BEI members I’m guessing.”

Ken: “Yes. The first class. I think this is my 12th conference. They’ve had 12 conferences in Denver.”

Norman: “How long have you been a certified exit planner?”

Ken: “I was in the first class with him as well so I think that was about six years ago maybe, seven years ago. Whenever they started a program, they took that 20 people in from this. We’re the first class. They probably took all our class.”

Norman: “Yes, it’s really grown too, hasn’t it? The conference has grown. It’s much larger this year than it was last year. I started four years ago and it’s bigger and better every year.”

Ken: “It’s a great organization. It always brings a lot to the table. You always come away from the conference you’ve got something that you can help improve your practice.”

Norman: “There’re so many tools and resources that it’s really hard to use them all, at least for me anyway. Something for everybody.”

Ken: “You find out what’s comfortable for you that you can own. I would agree with that. I give everything a test run things that settle in. I typically personalize them. I can put it that way.”

Norman: “We’ve been interviewing a few people here this week. We often ask what tool or resources you like the best. What’s interesting is some people like one tool, some like others but everyone has at least one thing that they get from this that they could use and it helps them in their practice.”

Ken: “Just because I just do exit planning, I tend to use the right tools because we’re able to cut back testing, we’re able to personalize them. I use their big system which develops fully the roadmap for the business owner. We’ve got a fantastic modern tool that I’m used to. Your newsletter, I continually get the clients that are saying they’ve decided to engage us for other services after receiving their newsletter. Sometimes the format is very useful.”

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