286) BEI Annual Conference – John H. Brown and BEI

John H. Brown and BEI

Norman: “Hi, I’m Norman A. Hood, Financial Advisor and host of the Exit Plan Show. We’re at the 2015 BEI National Conference in Denver, Colorado. And we’re lucky to have with us CEO and founder of BEI, John Brown. Welcome to the show John.”

John: “Thanks, Norman, great to be here.”

Norman: “I’m going to tell a quick story. You and I met because I read your first book. I was so impressed I came in your conference. I’m just curious, how is that book doing?”

John: “Well, the book has done great but it’s at the end of its life. So we’ve sold roughly a quarter of a million copies over the years, which is good for a business book. And I started to and periodically I’ll revise that book. So it’s going through seven or eight revisions over many years. So I started about two years ago with another revision, got into about 25 pages and realized I need to write a new book because so much has changed in exit planning. And not just because of what BEI does, but as you know we’re a member-based organization, you’re a member.

And with hundreds of members they’re giving us their ideas on exit planning, we’re incorporating those ideas, we’re making the whole exit planning process that we use much more robust because of all those inputs. So I thought, “I need to write a new book, incorporate all of this new thinking and new processes,” and so that’s what I’ve done. And the other thing that’s interesting is incorporating the new ideas, as I complete a draft of a chapter I sent it out to our members, they sent it back with corrections, revisions, suggestions, stories, so now I’ve incorporated those thoughts directly into the book as well. So it’s really a collaboration of like minds with different ideas on the whole exit planning process for business owners.”

Norman: “It sounds exciting, when’s that going to be available?”

John: “It’s going to be available in October of this year… just finishing up now.”

Norman: “We’ll watch for it. So what’s the title of the new book?”

John: “The new book is called On Your Terms Exit Planning – The Definitive Guide and the reason for that title is that exit planning, at least the way we do it, is based upon achieving what the owner wants to achieve as he or she exits the business. So to have a successful exit under our way of thinking the owner needs to be able to leave on his or her terms.”

 Norman: That was John Brown, CEO of Business Enterprise Institute in Denver, Colorado, and author. Check out the show notes from our website, you’ll find a link where you can get a free copy of his new book On Your Terms Exit Planning – The Definitive Guide. We’re only giving away 50, to the first 50 who sign up get John’s brand new book.

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