285) BEI Annual Conference – James Moore and Law Offices of James L Moore, PC

James Moore and Law Offices of James L Moore, PC

Norman A. Hood: “Good to have you here. You’re a BEI member, I take it.”

James Moore: “That’s correct.”

Norman A. Hood: “Could you tell us just a little bit your firm? I know you’re an attorney, so just tell us about the law firm.”

James Moore: “I’m blessed to be a Charter Member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys. That’s a nationwide group of us. We focus or practice in the area of estate planning for families. Then the other order we roll is exit planning purposes office.”

Norman A. Hood: “Then, as you know, as an exit planner, estate planning is a big part of that process.”

James Moore: “Absolutely.”

Norman A. Hood: “You started out in estate planning, but you’ve gravitated towards the exit planning.”

James Moore: “Just saw a need for a lot of our clients that had businesses and when questions came up, I read John’s book and went to a boot camp and it was a natural fit.”

Norman A. Hood: “How long have you been a BEI member?”

James Moore: “Eight years.”

Norman A. Hood: “Is there any particular resource you like better than others that they (BEI) offer?”

James Moore: “The collaboration and, of course, the output, the actual business owner’s roadmap has a phenomenal usefulness.”

Norman A. Hood: “Is there any particular niche you work in, in terms of business owners?”

James Moore: “We always say if you have kids, cash and a clue.”

Norman A. Hood: “If someone’s out here watching the show and considering affiliating with an organization like BEI, what do you think would be the first step for him to get started?”

James Moore: “I think it’s just a matter of us as human beings. If I like you and trust you and then look at your occupation and it’s a good fit. Sometimes we look at the letters after the name and yet there’s no fit on the frontend. My experience has been sometimes, myself included, we don’t always act in our own best interest and welcome someone who’s helping us do that. Once I figured that out, then we’ve got the fit.”

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