284) BEI Annual Conference – Donald Feldman and Keystone Business Transitions, LLC

Donald Feldman and Keystone Business Transitions, LLC

Donald: “Well I started off doing estate planning for business owners and helping them transfer their businesses primarily forward. I became quite experienced in that and quite enjoyed it, but it was natural for me to branch out into other types of business entities. I ran into business owners who did not have family members in the business and wanted to sell their business to key employees. Since I had a background in valuation, it was a natural progression for me to move into other types of exit planning point and venues for businesses. So I basically started out at narrow pace and here I am.”

Norman: “You’re a BEI member?”

Donald: “Yes”

Norman: “How long have you been a member?”

Donald: “I think seven years.”

Norman: “I’m sure you have some of their tools in your practice. Which particular tools do you like the best that help you with your work in Exit Planning?”

Donald: “Well, one of the most valuable tools is their Exit Planning Newsletter, which goes to my clients twice a month. It’s an excellent newsletter. Many of my clients read it regularly, enjoy it and it’s a way for me to keep in contact with my subordinate and clients. And I’ll tell you why that’s important to me. In this business, the sale cycle is very normal. I might be a business owner who has some interest in planning, but it might not be ready.”

“It might not be ready for three, four, five years. This is a way for him to receive information through him directed on him… So that’s a great tool. I use the Epic software doing Exit plans. It’s a great tool. It gives you instructions for avoiding written plan for business owners and it is very helpful.”

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