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Andrew Karlen and Karlen and Stolzer, LLP

Andrew: “We’re in White Plains, New York which is a suburb of New York City. It’s just my partner, my spouse and myself. For many years, I have gravitated towards business law and particularly towards working with family-owned businesses. I’m a member of The Family Firm Institute and a member and on the board of directors of attorneys for family-held enterprises which is just a wonderful organization comprised primarily of attorneys throughout the country, large firms to small firms, that believe in practicing law into disciplinary and collaborative manner and bringing back the profession to its roots of being counselors.”

How’d You Get Involved In Exit Planning?

Andrew: “As I said, I’ve worked a lot in a family businesses and a lot of the learning and practicing that career is about the process. I’ve worked with– I’ve got to spend some time as a family business consultant working with other family business consultants that were psychologists and that was ongoing as job was very process oriented at times, whereas the practice of law is not quite– you were there to do a particular agreement, a particular transaction. Yes, it’s a process within that but it’s not a general process that affects the business owner’s life.

When exit planning came to my attention I was really attracted to the process. The more I learned about it, the more I learn about it today, that process is so valuable because when a business owner is considering leaving his or her company, it’s the largest transaction of their life. But, the way I look at it is that they’re the cannon and there are mortars being lobbed in it from every direction. So many different things to think about, family– if business goes to my son or daughter that’s working in the business how to be fair to my children that are not. And these are very– these are the kinds of things that keep business owners up at night and to have a process that puts all of those concerns in order, I would say in a process, and each one is addressed at the right time in the process, by the right professional, I think it’s incredibly valuable not just as a service to have a living but it’s giving an opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives.”

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