275) About Kevin P. Clingan and Digital Benefit Advisors

Kevin P. Clingan and Digital Benefit Advisors

Kevin: “So I began my employee benefits career about 25 years ago as an underwriter so I understand some of the risks and how that impacts cost. And then moved into the sales arena with different products, different methods of attacking the employee benefit issue of the time, away from staff model HMOs to big self-funded medical plans, all of the insuring products and coverages available through employee-employer relationships and took that to the consulting side about five or six years ago… (continues)

We have a mixture. A fee and commissions generated about some of the products that are available, although the industry is moving toward the fee for service arrangement with the clients… (continues)

…there’s been more changes in the last four years in this industry than I’ve seen in the previous 20… (continues)

Yes, so that is a- the genesis in that was that the company began in the late 1990’s around an online purchasing platform for health insurance but at the time the infrastructure around the internet and the digital aspect of it just weren’t up to speed. We kept the name but then migrated to a different business model, an employee benefit consulting and brokerage… (continues)

What do you think differentiates you from some of the other benefits advisers around? Well, personally the thought of all the different experiences I have with the different coverages and the different ways of attacking issues and challenges around risk in employee benefit or medical world allows me to take a much bigger picture stands and find the pieces of the puzzle to fit together that attack the specific issues. And then issues are different for just about everybody. Taking that and then looking at it from a business owner perspective. Taking it and say ‘all right, Mr. Client if I’m sitting in your chair this is how I want this issue to be handled and this is the information that I need to make sure that I can attack that.’ And at the end of the day we’re looking at enhancing the business operation of our clients not just the health and welfare aspect of our clients… (continues)

…and none of my staff’s purpose is to sell or service insurance. It’s not the purpose of life.”

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