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Alexander Davie and Riggs Davie PLC

Alex Davie: “Sure. I’d be what you call a general corporate attorney. I do all sorts of business transactions for businesses that might include forming them, that might include working with them and representing them in negotiating their contracts. It also includes mergers and acquisitions, which involves the sale or exit from a business… (continues)

Casey Riggs is the other partner in our firm and he also does corporate law. He does some different things than I do. For instance, I do more of the securities and capital raising, he does more of the employee benefits and equity compensation plans. He also does a state planning, which often fits right in with the exit planning, because they’re really two pieces that really fit together… (continues)

We’re a sophisticated law firm. We do sophisticated work. When clients come to us, they’re not skimping on quality. I think our rates are more competitive than the large firms, though, and we give more attentive service to the clients who come to us. A lot of clients might go to a large firm here in Nashville, but even if they’re a medium-sized business, they’re going to be relatively small compared to the other clients in the firm. For us, that kind of clients is our highest priority. I think the attention and the competitive pricing is what sets us apart.

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