267) About Lee A. Harkavy and Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs, LLP

Lee A. Harkavy and Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs, LLP

Lee: “Great. I’m Lee Harkavy. I went to the University of Michigan. I went to the business school there. I got a degree in Accounting and Finance and in the end my law degree from Vanderbilt at the University in Nashville. Spent up the early part of my career doing primarily M&A work, some securities work as well and actually left the practice of law after six years of practice and went to work for public company Storage USA. I ran capital markets for them a couple of years and then they were acquired by GE Capital. GE Capital indeed are capital market’s person, they are a capital market. And I ran with the Composite Developments. I ran acquisitions for them. I actually negotiated the sale of that company to another public company. Stayed on for a year and ran acquisitions for them. For different reasons decided to part ways and return to the practice of law and so in last eight, nine years been doing primarily M&A corporate transactional work. And you know, used that business background early to understand both sides of the equation… (continues)

I hope so. I mean, I always start out looking any deal not from the legal side but from the business side. I usually put it on a spreadsheet or do some sort of excel spreadsheet so I understand the deal because at the end of the day if it’s a good deal then you won’t have to give a lot up, if it’s not so good then you don’t give as much. So every legal, quote ‘legal’, issue to me is a business issue. If I don’t understand the business side of it, its hard for me to, really, I think, handle the legal side of it… (continues)

We’re a southeast regional firm. We’ve got offices in Memphis, Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky, Nashville, and Jackson, Mississippi. We work primarily with commercial corporate clients with a full range of services. We don’t do divorce or domestic work, but a full range of corporate services both litigation and transactional. The unique thing, I think, in this area in the country of Memphis and the southern smaller countries is, I think that we are more sought than the larger firms in New York, in DC, in Boston, in Chicago, and those places. We still have that sort of small town counselor role, I think, at least in the transactional side. I’m not just a drafter of documents. I’m getting calls on a daily basis from clients saying, “Hey this is what I get going on, what do you think about this?” So I think that’s something that throughout the firm is pretty progressive in our firm. We’re about 200 lawyers and handle work all over the country but are based in the southeast region… (continues)

I think you get the small town service with a large firm benefit of very sophisticated practice, experience, very smart attorneys, but the ability to do everything that anyone else can do, but give you the kind of service and responsiveness that you might not get elsewhere. I think the other part– it comes with that is, I think we view our clients as our partners and we view their success as our success and I’m sure a lot of firms have that same thing, but we really do have vested interests in the success of our clients.

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