263) About Greyson E. Tuck and Gerrish McCreary Smith, Consultants and Attorneys

Greyson E. Tuck and Gerrish McCreary Smith, Consultants and Attorneys

Greyson Tuck: Sure, absolutely. My name is Greyson Tuck. I’m an attorney and consultant with Gerrish McCreary Smith in Memphis, Tennessee. And we are a consulting firm, a legal firm that works with community banks nationwide, worked clearly with the banks from Maine to Alaska. And my career path on how I got here, I’m actually the son of a community banker, kind of the family business. My dad is a community banker originally from East Tennessee outside of Knoxville and I’ve been around the family business for most of my life and I went to the University of Tennessee, majored in Accounting and Finance and spent a little time in the Public Accounting world with one of the top 10 accounting firms in the country and then decided that I was going to try something different. I went to Law School and then ended up with Gerrish McCreary Smith about 10 years ago… (continues)

We’re a consulting firm and legal firm that works with community banks. We’re a little bit of a unique firm. On the legal side where as you would think of it in a traditional law firm, every one of the members in our firm, every one of our partners is a licensed attorney that practices law, but we work with community banks and we’ve all got some type of unique banking background. We’ve got some individuals in our firm that are former examiners. We’ve got some individuals that are managers of business. We’ve got some individuals that have CPAs and other type of accounting backgrounds, so we’ve got sort of this mix between business and law. So, on the law side we’re certainly a full service law firm, but then we also do this consulting firm, which is a little bit unique. It’s strictly for community banks, but we consult with banks around the country on a various number of issues. The way we describe it a lot of times is the law firm can help you buy a bank. I, as the attorney can do that. The consulting firm though helps you figure out what’s the right price to pay and then more importantly strategically, is this the right move? And so, we got a kind of a unique business in there between the consulting and the law, we’re not aware of any other firm in the country like that… (continues)

Yes, certainly our products and the services that we offer. I think too what I would tell you that the law practice, in my opinion, many lawyers- the idea of customer service is lost on them that this is a business where we have customers that we need to keep happy so we need to be responsive. That’s something that’s not lost on our firm. We’re very much in tuned with our customers’ needs and the fact that they’re paying us for our time and they need to feel like they’re the only customer we have. So we’re real big into customer service as well.”

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Greyson E. Tuck and Gerrish McCreary Smith, Consultants and Attorneys

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