26) Family Business Power And Control | Video

Identifying Family Business Power And Control

Who reacts to whom? Answering this simple question is the starting point to identifying family business power and control issues. Power itself is a capacity and control is engaging the capacity.

Some Laws Of Family Business Power And Control

1) Control is always negotiated. No one has control over anyone else, other than what is given to them.

2) Information is power. Kofi Annan said: “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Family members who understand the business operation are in a position to exercise control over those who don’t.

Problem Areas

It’s important to look at three problem areas when discussing family business power and control.  These are 1) situations where the leader is controlling, 2) situations where someone outside of the business is controlling (spouse, non-active child) and 3) passivity where no one takes control due to conflict avoidance or people pleasing avoidance.

Family Business Power And Control – Problem Resolution

1) Have formal negotiations and set clear expectations.

2) Have open communication.

3) Give each person some control, by giving them authority or a position by strength within the business, or some type of control outside of the business.

4) Be assertive, but not aggressive.

Our guest, Bill Syrcle, is a clinical counselor, executive coach and family business consultant with Synago in Macomb, Illinois. For more information about Bill and his services, please visit Synago’s website.

Power, Control and Your Family Legacy

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