247) About Scott Stone and Butler Snow Advisory Services

Scott Stone and Butler Snow Advisory Services

Scott: Sure, I started out on a very traditional path for people who graduate with accounting degrees, brief stand with KPMG or the public of county then I moved into industry and spent a few years there. In my early 30s, there was a pivotal moment when I got a chance to take the operations manager’s job in the wireless communication business. And that was really when I got to see the connectivity between the numbers and the activity that drove those numbers. I think that is really what prepared me for all the things that came after that. Since then I’ve been a chief operating officer, a chief financial officer, a VP of product development and even a marketing director. All that has prepared me very well to do what I do today which is offer strategic advisory services to lower/middle market firms… (continues)

The first piece is I lead the Birmingham office of Butler Snow Advisory Services. We are a part of a law firm who actually provides non-legal advice to lower/middle market companies. That advice can span anywhere from capital formation, raising capital be it debt or equity to helping them plan for a transaction whether that’s a buy transaction or a sell transaction. We even help them with ongoing out place executive services. So I may serve as a fractional chief operating officer or a fractional chief financial officer for one of our clients and then ultimately lead them to a transaction… (continues)

And then Exit High is sort of a specialized exit advisory practice. We work with again lower/middle market companies to help them plan for and then execute an exit transition. We think transition is a very important word because the transaction is just a piece of it and really preparing the owner for what happens after the transaction is something that we think is very important… (continues)

We do because we talked about that from the very beginning. One of the things that I always say is, ‘You may know what you’re going to do the day after you sell or the week after but what about the month after?” Are you going to look back and go, ‘Gosh, I don’t know what to do or I seem to be in my wife’s way or my kid’s way’? So we try to help make sure that people are prepared for and plan for what’s going to happen after they sell their business.”

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