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Greg Curran and Maynard Cooper

Gregory: Okay. I’m a business lawyer having spent my entire career in Birmingham. My focus is, really, being a general counsel to most of privately owned businesses. We focus on mergers and acquisitions for business study as part of our diet. We do all sorts of business transactions. I do a lot of business advisory work. I’ve seen a lot over 25 years of career. I try to bring my experience to the table with our clients. My practices evolved primarily into private company representation. Our corporate groups still work with a lot of private companies, but I have shifted more of my focus to private business sectors… (continues)

We are a large firm by Alabama standards. We are a full-service corporate law firm. In general terms, we have a litigation side of our practice, which is mostly the fence for– but typical of a firm our size. We have a general business section of the firm comprised of general corporate securities and tax work, which is the group that I work in, and we have many roles like public finance. We consider ourselves full-service corporate law firm and we really do everything at one for– if you’re familiar with legal profession, that we would look very typical of that full-service corporate law firm… (continues)

I think it’s one of culture. Our firm started in 1984, which is now 30 plus years ago. It was a self-selected group of like-minded people, and they were very entrepreneurial at the time, and that entrepreneurial, youthful focus has really set the tone for our culture. We tend to be very client-focused. The founders of our firm were that. We started with a sophisticated practice but not as much of the largest petition, it was more entrepreneurial and small firm culture. As we’ve learned, our practice has grown significantly in 30 years, as you’d guess, but really, it’s the entrepreneurial approach. We don’t take the one size fits all approach, and it’s always been a part of our culture, and I think that if you ask our lawyers inside of our law firm, I think they still feel that as part of our firm. I think we still feel like we came from a small firm entrepreneurial client-grown background. I would say that’s where we are… (continues)

We still maintain that.”

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