240) About Gayle Lantz and WorkMatters, Inc.

Gayle Lantz and WorkMatters, Inc.

Gayle: “Sure. Well, I started out in the insurance and financial services industry with a very large corporate company managing around $400 billion at that time. So I left that career to start my own business as an entrepreneur doing executive coaching when I first started in that. It’s been about 16 years ago. So I’ve been entrepreneur ever since… (continues)

Work Matters provide a wide range of services ranging from strategic planning for businesses, executive coaching, leadership development, team building, so whatever it takes to help the business grow and be most effective… (continues)

I think one of the things that differentiate me is to focus on the positive, building on success and strengths instead of always looking for problems to correct. One of the unique approaches that I offer is looking at the recovery success… (continues)

I use a lot of different kinds of assessments that can help an owner gain insight about what he or she does. Well, how they communicate and how they behave, what motivates them, what their real drivers are, skills, top skills, so lots of areas that we can build into.”

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