236) About Paul K. Chafetz PhD

Paul K. Chafetz, PhD

Paul: Sure. I am a native of Memphis, Tennessee; born and raised in Memphis. I got my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brown University; I finished my PhD in clinical and health psychology at the University of Florida, and then did a one-year internship in clinical and health psychology at Duke University Medical Center and then, finished my training in Houston at the Houston Medical Center in a national institute on aging funded post-doctoral fellowship in geriatric psychology… (continues)

I did. Yes. I then finally came to Dallas in 1982 and I’ve had a private practice of clinical psychology ever since then. The first 20-something years were part time while I taught psychology at Texas Woman’s University and then 20 years at UT Southwestern University, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. And then, in 2004, I made my practice full-time. So I’ve had a full-time private practice since 2004… (continues)

I guess, primarily, I work in three areas: clinical psychology is the application of psychological methods to help people with psychological distress or disturbances; I also do some work in forensic psychology, which is the application of psychology to the law and our legal system. Specifically, within forensic psychology, I do many assessments of people to make sure that they have the mental capacity to sign a new will, the testamentary capacity, often relevant in older adults. Third, and really my most recent focus, over the past say five years is mental readiness for life after full-time work; psychological preparation for retirement or selling one’s business. Those are my three areas of focus… (continues)

Many psychologists have a reputation for being anonymous and quiet and not giving much feedback to their clients. I interact pretty actively with my clients, so no one’s lying down on a couch when they work with me. I actively question them and give input and suggestions to them and I think that does distinguish me from some other psychologists.”

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