235) About Michael Mirau and ProActive Leadership Group

Michael Mirau and ProActive Leadership Group

Michael: Okay. All right. Well, I grew up in a family owned business. So, I’ve been around business since I was 12 years old and we ran a service station in a small town Northeast of Dallas and I went off to school after I graduated from high school and got a double major in Computer Science and Business.  

For 26 years, I was involved in information technology working at the senior corporate level as a chief information officer for a billion dollar corporation. And I left there to make my fortune in the dot-com business and we did pretty well. I had a good run, but we got caught in the bubble just like a lot of them did and ran out of money; so we ended up selling the company and I walked out of there with a really nice colored laser printer.

At that point, I really had the decision to make in regards to, “Do I go back into corporate IT or do I start my own business?” When my dad quit his job at Good Year and started his business in the service station, I always thought, “That’s kind of crazy. Why are you doing that?”

Well, it was after I had been in the corporate world and had done what I had done, that I now know exactly what he did. So, I’ve always had this entrepreneurial bent, so I decided to go ahead and jump in the deep end of the pool and start my own business. Fortunately, I had some IT consulting engagements that then kind of evolved into business consulting engagements, which then evolved into business coaching. Over the course of the last 15 years, I’ve owned as many as five different businesses, two franchises.

But the foundation of everything that I do has been around helping business owners grow their business, grow themselves and make more money and be more successful in what they’re doing… (continues)

We’ve been around for 15 years. Our primary services are a combination of consulting and coaching solutions. Depend upon who the client is and what their needs are, we have a whole series of tools and programs that we can bring to the table to help them solve whatever problem it is. We touch every aspect of the business; everything from people to growth, marketing and sales, operational, forming a process for getting efficient, to HR and people-related stuff; and then, of course, systems and metrics… (continues)

Probably two things that really separate me from everybody else: number one, my experience. There’re not many guys that do what I do, that have had both the family business experience, corporate experience, startup experience, owning a business experience, and now, combining all that with the tools that I have. I’m a part of an organization called Gazelles International, which was started by Verne Harnish. As a part of that, there’s a very rigid certification process. You really have to be a top coach to be a part of that. So, with that, I have access to literally the very best tools from the top thought leaders around the world. Guys like Collins, and Ansonia and those guys who worked with Verne on a regular basis.

So, I have access to those guys, I have access to those tools and then, you combine that with the experience; I’ve worked with 700 different businesses in the last 15 years, 70 different industries. So with that and the tools, there’re not too many things I haven’t seen out there.”

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