227) About Brent M. Longnecker and Longnecker & Associates

Brent M. Longnecker and Longnecker & Associates

Brent: “Okay, well, I actually grew up here in Dallas. Went to Dallas Jesuit; from here, I won a soccer scholarship to the University of Houston, got a bachelors and a masters. Left there and actually owned a lot of different firms, financial planning, a broker-dealer and about age 29 I sold those and got into consulting. I worked at KPMG Peat Marwick where I became a partner. Later, I was a national partner at Deloitte and Touche. And my partner and I, Chris Crawford, we spun a company out called Resources but in 2003, with Herb Keller as our mentor, the great CEO of Southwest Airlines, we formed Longnecker & Associates and now we are almost 12 years and going strong…. (continues)

Sure. It’s three-pronged, strategy, governance and compensation. All three of those go hand in glove. We spent a lot of time with companies across the world trying to make sure that they, as effectively as possible, track, retain, and motivate the type of talent they need. Both at the executive level, but also down in the key employee level… (continues)

It’s really key to be able to do that, but also from a standpoint of when an executive is getting ready to exit, what’s their package look like, what does the next leader look like as far as his package goes, just try to make sure that that’s seamless. And along with compensation, of course, goes the issue of governance. Was it done the right way, did it follow the charters and things like that. And then, strategy-wise, are we still keeping all of that; the compensation, and the governance in alignment with the business strategy?… (continues)

I think the key is that when I was at Deloitte and Pete, which I loved, it was great for 15 years; good process, methodology but, everything was very much transactional. I would drop into a city and I wouldn’t even know what city I was in. I’d have somebody tell me where I was going and I would go and I solved problems.

Longnecker & Associates has been built around the concept of relational consulting, where we get to spend a lot of time with our clients. We don’t have chargeability goals or anything like that, and we are pretty much, a team that’s been together for a very, very long time; very big, 18 people, but again, we really focus on building great relationships, like with Herb Kelleher, I was with him for 28 years before he retired. So, that’s the kind of thing we look forward to.”

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