217) About Chuck Blowhowiak and C. Blohowiak Consulting, LLC

Chuck Blowhowiak and C. Blohowiak Consulting, LLC

Chuck: “Okay. I started off in the IT role, database design and so forth in a little school in Texas, Texas A&M. From there, I went into Virginia Tech and did a lot of research work in behavioral, especially behavioral genetics. The statistical research behind it.

 From there I went to the Smithsonian, the National Zoo. I was one of those people who get to go out on expeditions and bring back critters for the behavioral studies. And at that time, I formed my first business in Washington DC area. At the time, it was migrating companies off mainframes to this new device called the personal computer. So we go back the ways.

And then from there I came down to New Orleans, joined Lockheed Martin in the men space’s program. I was a technical trainer for them, primarily IT engineering, and that’s where I started getting into the people side of a business. While at Lockheed Martin, I got into both the technical training and development of leaders.

 From Lockheed Martin, I went to a company called Textron. At Textron, I did some technical training and a lot more leadership development. I also got into Six Sigma. I got a certificate in fighting black belt. I picked up more process skills at Lockheed Martin and at Textron. I was intimately involved with ISO 9000, both implementing and maintenance of it. Once I finished with Textron, I became what we call a free spirit, I went into business myself, working with different businesses, I’ve had one business where I’ve taken them from beginning to end in ISO 9000 certified. I’ve worked with major projects like converting ICD 9 to ICD 10 for a local hospital and several other training projects.”

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