204) About Deon Warner and Warner & Associates PLLC

Deon Warner and Warner & Associates PLLC

Deon: “All right. Well, I went to the University of Colorado, undergrad, so I’m actually from Colorado. I’m from Buffalo. And, I left there; I went to Howard University Law School. I spent three years there in Law School, came out and got a clerkship with a federal judge in Houston, Texas, here in Houston. So, I came into the clerkship for two years and then I started my career — my actual career, because clerkship and law school you don’t really learn anything — so, my actual career started with Andrews & Kurth, which was a fairly large law firm here in town, doing what at that time was called master limited partnerships, which were publicly traded partnerships. So, that’s where I started my career.

I started Warner & Associates in 1997. So, I was with Andrews & Kurth for about 12 years. I was partner for about five years there, in the corporate section and I left and started my own firm; just wanted to get independence.”

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