203) About Barbara Stewart and Accelus Partners LLC

Barbara Stewart and Accelus Partners LLC

I grew up here in Texas and went to school at Sam Houston State. While I was there, I discovered an interest in finance. Particularly, it was an investments class that just lined up with the things that I have been seeing through – again, in my young adulthood, is that I wanted to help people realize their goals. Through financial planning, that was a way to do that, to line my interest in goal achievement with helping people. I started down that path, did that for 20 years in a variety of establishments. I started in the insurance business, banking and then, my husband and I moved overseas for four years.

Yes, Tokyo for three and Hong Kong for a year. A great experience. I got to work with expats doing financial planning and then, in Hong Kong, money manager, due diligence. Came back to the States, had my own firm with a partner and as things go, like that, the partnership didn’t work out. I found myself with my very own firm as a sole proprietor, and that wasn’t where I wanted to be. I sold that business in 2006 because I’ve had my own succession plan here.I stayed with that firm for four years until 2010 when I transitioned into coaching.”

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