20) Conflict Resolution In Family Businesses | Video

Conflict Resolution In Family Businesses –

Is family conflict preventing you from transitioning your business to the next generation? In today’s episode, Exit Plan Show guest and family business consultant, William L. Syrcle, talks about 1) the primary sources of family business conflict, 2) the starting point of conflict resolution and 3) the steps to final resolution.

Conflict Resolution In Family Businesses – Sources of Conflict –

  • Unmet expectations
  • Mirror effect: see something in another dislike about self
  • Poor communication (assumptions)
  • Diverging goals
  • Control battles

Conflict Resolution In Family Businesses – Starting Point –

  • Desire to resolve (different than ceasing the fight)
  • Respect
  • Forgiveness
  • Compromise
  • Direct communication (argument, debate, discussion)

Conflict Resolution In Family Businesses – 7 Steps To Resolution –

  1. Set parameters / boundaries to the process (who, what, where, when) 3 groups of people – part of the problem, part of the solution, everyone else.
  2. Define the conflict: Giving voice to a conflict no more creates the conflict than silence resolves it.
  3. Establish commonality: starting point to build upon
  4. Establish each person’s goals (what resolution ‘looks’ like)
  5. Look for win-win solutions, compromise when necessary
  6. Implement and review agreed upon solution
  7. LET IT GO

Family Legacy

Resolving family conflict is important if you want to build a positive legacy that will positively influence future generations.

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