116) Demystifying Debt And Leverage

Demystifying Debt And Leverage

In previous Exit Plan Show interviews, David Kessenich has talked about leverage. In today’s episode, Demystifying Debt And Leverage, he goes into more detail, starting with Excellere’s definition of leverage and the role it plays within private equity. He also addresses the common fear many sellers have about taking on debt in a private equity transaction. David finishes his interview by sharing an example of a company that used expanded access to capital to grow beyond what they otherwise could have. If you’ve avoided private equity because you’re afraid to take on debt, this interview might help put your mind at ease.

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For more information about Demystifying Debt And Leverage, please visit David’s profile page for his contact information.

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Watch the About David Kessenich and Excellere Partners interview for more information about Chris and his company.

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